Annual Reports

Each year the Administrative Services Division prepares a report for the benefit of the public, the Mayor, the City Council and department administrators. This report provides statistical analysis of crime and the law enforcement response to that crime. In the past a limited number of these reports have been printed and distributed within the Police Department, to various city department heads, the news media, and local libraries.

Reports Online

We hope that by placing these copies on the web, they will reach a larger audience than if we relied on the hard copies alone. It is our desire that these volumes will provide the community with a historical and informative look at the operations of the Lafayette Police Department.

We take pride in our past accomplishments and look forward to developing a closer relationship with the community that we serve and protect.

Police Annual Reports

The following links will take you to the past annual reports. New reports are issued the year following the reporting year. Questions pertaining to information contained within this report can be directed to the Administrative Services Division by email.

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