When to Call 911

Use 911 For Emergencies

An emergency is when you absolutely need the police, Fire Department or ambulance immediately. Emergencies include crimes that are in progress or about to happen, and ones that have resulted in serious personal injury, property damage, or property loss. They also include situations in which the suspect may still be at the scene and some suspicious activities. By calling 911 you will be linked to the appropriate police as well as fire fighting, medical, and ambulance services. You don't need money to call 911 from a pay phone.

Cell Phone Calls

When you dial 911 from a cellular phone in Tippecanoe County your call is automatically directed to either the State Police or the County Sheriff where it is then redirected to the appropriate agency.

Non-emergency Calls

Please remember, If you use 911 for something that is not an emergency you could tie up the line for someone who has a real emergency. 911 is not the number for general information. Please use 765-807-1200 to contact the Lafayette Police Department if you do not have an emergency.

Situations to Call 911

Some examples of situations that are appropriate for 911:

  • Life threatening medical emergencies
  • Fire or smell of smoke
  • Vehicle crashes involving personal injury
  • Fights or sexual assaults
  • Homicides
  • Burglaries and robberies
  • Flashlight beam in a business or home, especially if the business is closed or the residents are away
  • Domestic violence
  • Child and elder abuse
  • Sounds of gunshots, screaming, breaking glass, explosions, alarms, etc.
  • Hit and run accidents with possible injuries
  • Vehicles containing weapons or property not normally kept in vehicles
  • Dumping or spilling of fuel or other hazardous substances
  • Road hazards that require immediate attention to prevent personal injuries and property damage
  • Graffiti and other acts of vandalism in progress
  • Missing person who needs special care - be sure to tell the operator if the person needs medication and has a special problem, e.g., Alzheimer's disease

Report to the Police

Report persons who are:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Entering a neighbor's home when the neighbor is away
  • Forcing an entry of a home, business, or vehicle
  • Exhibiting unusual mental or physical symptoms that poses a threat to him/herself or others
  • Removing property from a business, home, or vehicle, especially if the business is closed or the residents are away
  • Carrying or wearing bloody clothing
  • Carrying a gun in plain view
  • Struggling with a resisting child
  • Trying to or actually using a vehicle to pick up a person by force, especially a child or female