Mayor's Office

The Mayor, first elected in 2003, is the city's chief executive and is responsible for the overall operation of city government. The Mayor's term of office is 4 years with no restrictions on the number of terms served. A candidate for Mayor must have been a resident of Lafayette for at least 1 year. Once elected, the Mayor must reside within the city.

The Mayor's Powers & Duties

  • Enforce the Ordinances of the City and the Statutes of the State
  • Recommend Action to the Common Council
    • Provide a Statement of the Finances and General Conditions of the City to the Common Council at Least Once per Year
    • Provide Any Information Regarding City Affairs that the Common Council Requests
    • Call Special Meetings of the Common Council when Necessary
    • Approve or Veto Ordinances and Resolutions of the Common Council
  • Supervise Subordinate Officers
  • Ensure Efficient Governing of the City
  • Fill Vacancies in City Offices when Required
  • Sign All Bonds, Deeds, Contracts, and Licenses Issued by the City
  • Appoint Heads of Executive Departments, Employees of the Departments, and most Board and Commission Members
  • Suspend or Remove Officers or Employees Appointed by the Mayor
  • Fix the Salaries of Appointed Officials and Employees
  • Adopt Rules and Regulations for Individual Departments, Conduct Monthly Meetings of Department Heads and May Arrange Unannounced Audits of the Accounts of Each Department
  • Prepare the City Budget for Council Review
  • Solemnize Marriages
Mayor Tony Roswarski’s State of the City Address delivered to the Common Council

February 5, 2024