Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel Program

Where to purchase:  City Clerk’s office - 20 N. 6th Street (2nd floor)

Where to pick-up:  Lafayette Renew 1700 Wabash Avenue - 

Call 807-1800 for your curbside pick-up

  1. Conserve Water
  2. Help Plants
  3. Reduce Pollution
  4. Disclaimer
  5. Insect Risks
  6. Barrel Makeup
  7. Learn More
  8. Purchasing
  9. Instructions
  10. Proper Use
  11. Teach Others
Conserves Water Supply Resources
Rainwater used from rain barrels helps reduce the amount of water used from underground aquifers.
Brown Rain Barrel in Garden Area Attached to Roof Drainage
Red Rain Barrel
Rain Barrel Decorated With Paintings of Nature