Educational Information

Check out these fact sheets:
How to control grease and prevent blockages: Grease (PDF)
How keeping grass clippings in your lawn can improve water quality: Grass Clippings (PDF)
Steps to prevent stormwater pollution: Stormwater Solutions (PDF)

Check out the following websites:
Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality
Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)
Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission
Wabash River Enhancement Corporation (WREC)

Information for contractors:
Contractors' Resource Book
The following videos will explain how you can do your part to prevent stormwater pollution:
This is a 6 minute video designed to highlight the proper techniques for refueling vehicles and portable containers while reducing the potential for fuel to reach the storm sewer. Proper clean up and disposal methods are also outlined.

This is a 9 minute video that outlines the negative impacts from improper concrete chute washout and provides suggestions on how this activity can be completed and remain in compliance with stormwater permits and regulations.

The Clean Water Act Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System or “MS4” program requires regulated communities to implement an overall stormwater quality program. This 8 minute video, completed in 2016, features MS4 communities’ experienced, elected officials giving their advice and recommendations on why the MS4 program is important and explaining how it helps them with their duties. The video also reviews the main requirements that regulated MS4 entities must implement to be in compliance with their permits.

This 8 minute video outlines the steps necessary to maintain a residential stormwater management pond.

This 11 minute video explains how to install a rain barrel to help collect and reduce stormwater runoff for future use at home.