How You Can Help

The City of Lafayette is improving water quality in the Wabash River and other streams with significant investments in its sanitary and stormwater capital programs, but every little bit helps. Look through the tabs below to see how residents can do their part to keep local waterways clean by following these simple tips while at home, in the yard, or out and about:
  1. At home
  2. In your yard
  3. Out and about
  • Check labels of cleaning products for safe ingredients
  • Never flush or throw away pharmaceutical drugs
    • Contact the sheriff or police department to learn how to properly dispose of pharmaceuticals
  • Purchase eco-friendly lightbulbs such as LED bulbs that do not contain mercury. Note: CFL bulbs do contain mercury.
    • Dispose of mercury-containing bulbs at: 
Tippecanoe County Solid Waste Management District
Address: 2770 N 9th Street Rd, Lafayette, IN 47904
Phone: (765) 742-7131

  • Properly dispose of unused or unwanted household hazardous waste that is toxic, corrosive, flammable, and/or reactive (i.e. pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, antifreeze, propane tanks) at the Tippecanoe County Solid Waste Management District.
    • Or, contact the Lafayette Sanitation Department at 765-807-1411 or visit the Sanitation Department webpage for more information.
  • Never put chemicals or oils down storm drains or in drainage ditches
Report drainage problems and illegal dumping. Visit the Citizen Request Tracker online to report a problem in your neighborhood or call 765-807-1036.

Learn More

Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality
Wabash River Enhancement Corp
Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission


  • Check out these documents that detail how you can take steps to prevent stormwater pollution:
  • Check out this video that describes how you can help:

  • Check out the "Educational Information" tab for more educational videos and documents.