Yard Waste Guidelines

Collection Guidelines

  • Brush includes any wood material under 6 inches in diameter, such as twigs, bushes, tree branches, and small trees. (Wood over 6 inches is considered firewood and will not be collected.)
  • Brush should be cut into 3 foot or smaller sections.
  • Materials such as wooden fences, landscaping timber, or building lumber are not considered as part of this service. Those items may be left out with your trash.
  • Contractors hired for tree trimming or yard mowing are responsible for removal and disposal of brush and yard waste.
  • Large amounts of brush may be removed with a front end loader. There is a limit of 2 tandem loads per residence that will be picked up, per year.
  • Keep dirt and rocks separate. Keep leaves separate from tree branches.
  • All small yard waste must be put in paper bags or small cans (less than 35 gallons). Paper bags and cans should not exceed 30 lbs. in weight. If using cans, please call Dispatch at 807-1410 the day before your trash day; to alert us that the can has yard waste. The City sends out  leaf vacuums from October through April.  During this time, loose leaves may be left curbside.
  • Absolutely no plastic bags will be accepted.
The Street Department is responsible for the collection of brush and tree trimmings that are generated by homeowners. Brush is picked up weekly and should be placed on your property line by 6 a.m. on the day of your normal trash pick-up.
Bucket Machine Collection Yard Waste in Front of Residency Driveway