Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is detrimental to property values, adversely affects quality of life and community attractiveness, and discredits the City's reputation for livability. When graffiti is allowed to remain, it invites yet more graffiti and may lead to an increase in vandalism and other criminal activity. Rapid removal is considered key to controlling and eradicating graffiti. The City of Lafayette is committed to the eradication of all graffiti.
Graffiti Under Bridge
Reporting Graffiti
We ask all residents promptly to report any graffiti to the Lafayette Police Department through the Action Center or by calling Lafayette Police dispatch at 765-807-1200. The Lafayette Street Department helps remove graffiti from bridges, underpasses, and city property. Property owners are responsible to report graffiti in their neighborhoods to the Police Department and to remove graffiti promptly from their properties.