Snow Removal

The Street Department is in charge of keeping the City of Lafayette's streets free of ice and snow during inclement weather. Whenever there is a danger of icy or snowy conditions on the roadways of the city, the Street Department will monitor conditions and respond accordingly. When snow or ice begins accumulating on the streets, plowing and/or salting operations will commence.

Snow Routes (Street Priorities)

The city is divided into 12 snow routes with each route assigned trucks with spreaders and plows. Streets in each route are prioritized as 1 (emergency snow routes), 2 (trash collectors and CityBus routes), and 3 (residential). Priority 1 streets are the 1st streets to receive plowing and salting. Whenever the priority 1 streets are deemed safe for travel during or after a snowfall, the city's plow trucks begin operations on the priority two streets. After these streets are completed, trucks will move in to residential streets if there is an accumulation of 3 inches or more of snow. If during plowing operations on priority 2 or 3 streets it begins to snow again and priority 1 streets become slippery, trucks will be dispatched back to these streets as needed.

View or download the Snow Policy (PDF).

When Removal Starts
While no snow event is exactly the same, as a rule of thumb it usually takes 10-12 hours after the snow stops falling to plow and salt priority 1 and 2 streets. Residential streets generally take 48 hours to plow, assuming we can stay at it and do not have to move back to priority 1 or 2 streets.

Neighborhood Assistance
Residents of Lafayette are encouraged to help out their neighbors and the City by remembering to do their part after a snowfall or ice accumulation. View or download city resident snow removal obligations (PDF).
Snow Plow Machine Removing Snow from City Pavement

Snow Emergency Route - Street Listing

Street Name Area Covered (Streets Between)
2nd Street Wabash Avenue and Ferry Street
Wabash Avenue 2nd Street and South Corp Limits
3rd Street Fannon Drive and Alabama Street
4th Street Fannon Drive and South Corp Limits
Fannon Drive 3rd/4th Streets and Greenbush Street
Greenbush Street North 9th Street and Creasy Lane
Duncan Road U.S. 52 and North 9th Street
9th Street North Corp Limits and South Corp Limits
18th Street Schuyler Avenue and South Corp Limits
Earl Avenue South 22nd Street and Union Street
22nd Street Teal Road and Earl Avenue
Salem Street Union Street and Harrison Bridge
Union Street Creasy Lane and Harrison Bridge
Sagamore Parkway (U.S. 52) Wabash River to Teal Road (SR 25)
Main Street U.S. 52 and Columbia Street (SR 26)
South Street (SR 26) Veterans Memorial Parkway (500 E) to Wabash River
Columbia Street (SR 26) South Street (5 Points) and West Corp Limits
Creasy Lane North Corp Limits and U.S. 52
Brady Lane U.S. 52 and South 18th Street
Canal Road Salem Street (U.S. 231 Ramps) and North 9th Street
Concord Road Teal Road (SR 25) and South Corp Limits
Elmwood Avenue Salem Street and Underwood STreet
Ferry Street 2nd Street and Earl Avenue
Kossuth Street U.S. 52 and 4th Street (U.S. 231)
McCarty Lane Main Street to East Corp Limits
Veterans Memorial Parkway U.S. 231 and East Corp Limits
Ortman Lane (CR 300) U.S. 231 and South 18th Street
16th Street South Street and Kossuth Street
Beck Lane Sequoya and Wabash Avenue
14th Street Union Street to Greenbush Street
26th Street Main Street to Union Street
Erie Street Ferry Street to 18th Street
Brown Street 3rd Street to 9th Street
Veterans Memorial Parkway Old 231 to U.S. 52
Logan Avenue 9th Street to 18th Street 
State Street 9th Street and Kossuth Street / 18th Street and Earl Avenue
Underwood Street U.S. 52 and 15th Street
15th Street Underwood Street and Greenbush Street
Schuyler Avenue I-65 and Greenbush Street
Summerfield Drive Teal Road and Beck Lane