Land Application Program

Biosolid Generation & Use

An average of 16.6 MG per day of wastewater causes the generation of approximately 14 million gallons of biosolids a year. This biosolid material is applied to agricultural land to be used as a fertilizer supplement.

Currently the Land Application Program utilizes approximately 4,300 approved acres of agricultural land. These acres are farmed by 12 different farmers. The biosolid material is transported by tanker truck to the field and either injected into the soil or applied to the surface. Application timing and method are in coordination with the farmer.

Saving Fertilizer Costs

The Land Application Program exists so that the City can recycle the biosolids. In turn, the program is very beneficial to landowners and farmers because of the free source of nutrients that enables them to cut fertilizer costs. The City has lime applied to the fields as needed to achieve a proper pH of 5.5. The sites are soil sampled on a regular basis, and information forwarded to the landowners and farmers. The Environmental Protection Agency and Indiana Department of Environmental Management regulate applications to protect soil and water quality.

Community Cooperation

A spirit of cooperation prevails between municipal government and agricultural producers to the mutual benefit received by both parties. Please contact Lafayette Renew if you are interested in additional information.