Treatment Plant Operations


Design Capacity

33 million gallons/day (66 million gallons/day peak)

Average Daily Flow 

16.6 million gallons/day

Usage Fee 

$7.39 per 1000 gallons of treatment

During the year 2021, the Operations department treated 6,042,270,000 gallons of domestic and industrial wastewater. This was treated at an average daily flow of 16.6 million gallons. The annual removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) was 96.7%. The annual removal of Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand (CBOD) was 95.9%, Ammonia removal was 99%, and Phosphorous removal was 82.4%.

In the year 2021, we removed and disposed of 463 tons of inorganic material known as grit. We were also able to remove 426 tons of screenings from the incoming waste stream, saving a great deal of wear and possible repairs to pumps and other equipment.

The primary portion of the treatment process removed 14,095,083 gallons of raw sludge from the process. The raw sludge was treated in the digesters. Pathogenic bacteria is destroyed during the digestion process. The sludge decomposition also converts mass into methane gas, which is used to heat our plant's boilers, buildings, and the sludge in the digesters. The gas production daily average is 66.3 ft3.

The City of Lafayette has one of the most advanced treatment facilities in the country. With the dedicated staff we have, we will continue to do our part to keep Indiana rivers and streams clean.