Treatment Process

Waste is treated at the plant in a similar manner to that which occurs in nature. The objective in preliminary treatment is to remove the large debris, sand, and grit.

  • Primary Treatment: During primary treatment, we remove a large percentage of the floatable and settleable material by physical methods. 
  • Phosphorous Treatment: Chemicals are added during the treatment process to precipitate out phosphorus. It is then removed in the biosolids.
  • Secondary Treatment: With secondary treatment we remove and biologically convert contaminants remaining in the wastewater. 
  • Discharge: The flow is then disinfected with sodium hypochlorite, followed by de-chlorination with sodium bisulfite, prior to discharge to the Wabash River.

Biosolid Removal

During primary and secondary treatment, the removed solids (biosolids) are further processed by anaerobic digestion and prepared for land application. After a period of 15 to 30 days in the digester, the biosolids are forwarded to holding tanks and await land application.