Building and Development

Applications and Forms - Applications and forms for commercial and residential building permits, sewer permits, water permits, right-of-way permits, sign permits, electric permits, and other related permits.

Building Permits - List of requirements for residential and commercial projects in the City of Lafayette. 

Construction Guidelines and Standards - Standards and Guidelines for construction practices in the City of Lafayette.

Electrical Licenses - Review electrical license requirements and apply for or renew your electrical license.

License, Bonding & Insurance Information - Lists requirements for licensing, bonding and insurance by contractor/project type.

Online Permitting & Inspections - The city of Lafayette offers online services for permitting and inspections.

Permit Fees - List of fees for permits in the City of Lafayette.

Policy and Guidance - Department policies and requirements for construction work in the City of Lafayette. This includes permitting and zoning.

Regulations and Codes - List of applicable codes and regulations.