Water's Path to You

The Water Works Plant pumps water from a large underground aquifer known as the Teays (pronounced taze) aquifer.  The aquifer is up to six miles wide and as deep as 200-300 feet.  The recharge water for the aquifer comes from rain that falls over a large area covering several states.  From the aquifer the water is pumped at our well fields through the treatment facilities.  At the treatment facilities, the water is treated with fluoride, phosphate, and chloramine.  From these treatment facilities, water goes to the lower elevation distribution system.

Water is pumped again at the Booster Station at Columbian Park.  From this station, water is either used in the upper elevation distribution system, or put in our water towers.  There are four water towers throughout the City, three with a holding capacity of one million gallons, and one holding two million gallons.