Water & Sewer Rates

Water & Sewer Rates

The Utility Billing Office would like to remind you of this year's action regarding your water & sewer rates.

Approval for Rate Increase

 Phase 1 of a 3-phase rate increase for sewage services took effect for usage starting March 1, 2017.  This increase funds work that is required by our Judicial Agreement signed with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to eliminate our combined sewer overflows. Phase 1 came with a 16% increase in 2017.  An additional rate increase occurred in 2018 of 6% and now 5% in 2019.

A 2-part rate increase for water services took effect for usage starting July 1, 2018.  This increase funds work deemed necessary to maintain our delivery & operation systems.  The Phase 1 of a 2-phase rate increase in 2018 was a 35.98% increase.  An additional rate increase will go in effect usage starting January 1, 2019 of 11.04%.

Changes to Residential Bills

What this means to the average residential customer is that the sewage portion of their bill, usage starting January, 2019, will increase 5%. The water portion of the bill, usage starting January, 2019, will increase 11.04%.  For example:

  • The average person uses approximately 3,000 gallons of water in a month. The bill for 3,000 gallons last year and this year are displayed below. This total does not include any fire protection or storm water fees.
  2018 2019
Water $8.61
Tax $0.60 $0.67
Sewage $26.41 $27.72
Total $35.62 $38.02

Cost Difference

The difference in cost between 2018 and 2019 is $2.40 for 3,000 gallons of usage.

More Information

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to serving you in 2019 and the years to come. Please feel free to contact the Utility Billing Office at 765-807-1100 or email us if you have any billing questions.

2019 Water Rates


Schedule of Rates and Charges

For use of and service rendered by the waterworks system of the City, based on the use of water supplied by said waterworks system:  
Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part A
*Ordinance #2000-59 contains the current water rates 
 Consumption (Per Month) Metered Rates (Per Month, Per 1,000 Gallons) 
0-5,000  $3.21 
5,000-20,000 $2.97
20,000-70,000 $2.68
70,000-170,000 $2.21
170,000-570,000 $1.91
570,000-1,070,000 $1.75
Over 1,070,000 $1.59

Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part B
*Each user shall pay a minimum charge in accordance with the applicable size of meter installed, for which the user will be entitled to the quantity of water set out in the above schedule of rates
 Size of Meter (Inches) Minimum Gallonage  Minimum Charge
 5/8 or 3/4 2,000 $6.42
1 6,727 $21.18
1 1/2 14,560 $44.44
2 22,644 $67.66
3 44,898 $127.08
4 78,070 $211.93
6 185,200 $444.13
8 363,600 $784.88
10 512,300 $1068.89

 Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part C
Other Public Facilities (Each Per Annum)
Fire Station $377.83
Fountains $151.08
Municipal Swimming Pools $11334.65

Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part D
Fire Hydrants (Per Hydrant - Per Annum) 
Private Hydrants $549.03

Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part E
Private Fire Protection (Sprinklers - Per Annum) 
1 1/2" line $304.19
2" line $354.79
2 1/2" line $456.13
3" line $557.34
4" line $709.58
6" line $1064.22
8" line $1418.72
10" line $3040.73
12" line $3800.75

 Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part F
Fire Protection Fee
All Water utility customers served water within city limits will pay a Fire Protection Fee based on meter size. See City Ordinances (2007) for more detail
 All Water utility customers served water outside the city limits and located within 1,000' of a public fire hydrant in service $2.77

 Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part G
Temporary Users
Water furnished to temporary users such as contractors, circuses, etc., shall be charged on the basis of the metered gallon rates hereinbefore set forth as estimated by the Waterworks Superintendent

Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part H
Tapping Fees 
Each user, at the time he is connected with the waterworks system, shall pay a charge to cover the costs of tapping the main, furnishing and laying service pipe, corporation and stop cocks, service and meter box and installing a meter. The Charge for a 5/8 or 3/4 inch meter tap shall be $600.00. The charge for a tap larger than 5/8 or 3/4 inch meter will be the cost of labor and materials, but not less than $600.00

Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part I
Reconnection Charge 
 To Establish New Service Connection $12.00
To Re-Establish Service $24.00
When the service is turned off for non-payment of bill, or whenever for any reason beyond the control of the waterworks a re-establishment of services is required by any one customer, the charge will be made by the waterworks to cover the cost of discontinuance and re-establishment of service. The charge, together with any arrears due the waterworks, shall be paid by the customer before service will be re-established.

Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part J
Bad Check Charge 
 Insufficient Funds or non-existent bank account charge $12.00

Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part K
Customer Meter Deposit 
 Tenant or purchaser of property on contract $20.00
Commercial Customer $35.00
Said deposit shall be made by the customer making application for the respective service, and who shall be responsible for the monthly billings. Said respective deposits, less the amount of any current and/or delinquent bills owing, shall be refunded to said customer at such time as said customer requests disconnection or termination of the respective service.

 Schedule of Water Rates and Charges - Part L
Collection and Deferred Payment Charges
All bills for service not paid within fifteen days from the due date thereof, as stated in such bills, shall be subject to the collection or deferred payment charge of 10% on the first $3.00 and 3% on the excess over $3.00.

Current Waste Water Rates 
Minimum Monthly Billing Charge $5.55
Use Charge $7.39 per 1,000 gallons
Flat Rate Unmetered Residential Sewage Bill $86.84 per month (Based on 11,000 gal per month)
Flat Rate Unmetered Commercial Sewage Bill $205.08 per month (Based on 27,000 gal per month)