How far do you travel?

This program can travel up to 60 minutes (one way) from Columbian Park Zoo.  Travel fees apply to all visits outside of the Greater Lafayette area, and are billed based on round-trip travel time. For a travel fee quote, please contact us.  Please note that longer travel times may reduce the variety of animals that could appear at your facility as some animals have a lower “time away” restrictions.

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1. What is a Creature Comforts program?
2. When is the Creature Comforts Program available?
3. How far do you travel?
4. What animals will you bring?
5. What type of space do you need to set-up?
6. What are your COVID-19 policies?
7. What are your payment policies?
8. How does the reservation process work?
9. What is the cancellation/reschedule policy?
10. Do you offer monthly visit packages?