Common Code Questions

We receive many requests for information. We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and the most commonly found code violations. This list does not include all codes and is intended to help educate and serve to help self inspections and remedy code violations when they are discovered.

Fire Extinguishers
  • Annual service not performed by a service company
  • Monthly "Quick Check" not performed by employees
  • Obstructed access
  • Setting on floor
Extension Cords / Power Strips
  • "Daisy chain" of relocatable power taps (power strips)
  • Cord used as a permanent replacement for wired outlet
  • Cords or plugs found to exhibit mechanical damage
  • Running through walls or ceilings
Electrical Service Panels
  • Breakers not labeled
  • Open breaker spaces
  • Storage items within 36 inches of panel access
  • Gaps and holes in finished ceiling
  • Minimum 18 inch clearance between sprinkler head and combustible storage not maintained
  • Sprinkler head escutcheon plates missing
  • Tiles not in place
  • Egress path width encroached upon by displays or storage
  • Exits obstructed by boxes, display racks and other items
  • Storage of combustible items found in exits
Emergency Lighting
  • Lights fail to illuminate upon primary power loss
Exit Lights
  • Not illuminated with primary power source
  • Will not illuminate with secondary power source
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler System
  • Annual service not performed by a service company
  • Service reports and documentation not kept on-site
Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • Unsecured (not strapped or chained)
Dates Effective
The 2014 Indiana building, mechanical, fire, and fuel gas codes will be effective on December 1, 2014.