Fire & Life Safety Program

This program was developed to support the Fire Prevention Bureau’s goal of helping individuals and organizations prevent fire incidents and achieve compliance with local and state regulations.
An effective fire safety program requires sufficient resources to provide both for the education of the community in fire safety practices, and for the enforcement of the Indiana Fire Code to eliminate fire safety violations. Beyond basic life safety code compliance, fire safety should also be a primary component in the design and construction of new or renovated buildings. Equally important are the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, emergency signs and lighting, inspection of smoke detectors, and maintenance of other fire suppression equipment. Formal fire risk analysis and fire prevention programs constitute additional components of a comprehensive fire safety program.

Download the Full LFD Program

We have also provided a few templates that can be modified to suit your needs.


Emergency Evacuation Floor Plan Guidelines
Fire Safety Inspection Checklist for Existing Buildings
Emergency Evacuation Plan
Fire Safety Plan Template
Fire Drill Reporting Form
Sample Sprinkler Impairment Tag
Fire Prevention Plan Template