When you purchase a zoo membership, you are joining Friends of Columbian Park Zoo. FOCPZ works hard to provide the zoo with the necessary finances and community contacts to ensure the quality of life of Zoo animals. Through education and conservation awareness, we strive to create, promote and maintain awareness of the Zoo for all in the Greater Lafayette Area.

Friends of Columbian Park Zoo Membership Brochure:

Reciprocal Agreements List:

  1. Family Membership
  2. Grandparent Membership
  3. Individual Membership
  4. Senior Citizen Membership


  • $40
Purchase membership


  • 10% Gift Shop Discount
  • Discounts on Education Programs
  • eNewsletter
  • Free "Drop n' Shop" Admission
  • Membership Card
  • Register for Summer Camps 2 Weeks Early
  • Sneak Peak Events
A "family" includes 2 parents and all children under 18 years of age, in the same household.

Discounts & Benefits

All members are provided with a membership card which garners discounted, often free, admission and discounts at reciprocal zoos around the country. A list of these reciprocal zoos will be provided to members yearly. You also will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Columbian Park Zoo gift shop discount
  • Discounts on select Zoo Education Programs
  • Discounts on select zoo events
  • E-newsletters to learn what's new at the zoo
  • Member's-only events
  • Partially tax deductible membership dues

Ensuring Success

The zoo has counted on the support of the community since opening in 1908. Supporting the Friends of the Columbian Park Zoo organization is a commitment to the future of the zoo, and ensures its continued success and development for years to come. Friends of Columbian Park Zoo is instrumental in supporting the implementation of the Columbian Park Zoo Master Plan, which will enhance the overall zoo experience for the Greater Lafayette Community. 
For more information about becoming a member, please email the membership department.