Why Recycle

  • Recycling is easy! No need to sort - just toss recyclables in your largest toter! You don't even need to bag your recyclables, just put them in your toter loose! 
  • Recycling is free!  The City has transitioned to a larger recycling container (see below).  Make a call to the Lafayette Sanitation Department at 765-807-1411 or use the action center if you have additional questions.
  • Recycling saves energy, natural resources, the environment, and tax dollars! When recyclables are used to produce new products, existing natural resources are saved. When natural resources are conserved, the environment is stabilized. Local tax dollars have been saved by curbside recycling. Tipping fees, Lafayette's cost of dumping trash in landfills, already have been reduced over 15% through the city's current curbside recycling.

Trash Toters

Use the action center to request a trash toter. Trash should be set out, in your city-issued toter, at your property line by 6 a.m. the day of collection. Recyclables and cardboard (flattened and free of packing materials) should be placed right next to your toter.

Lost Toter

If you find a lost toter, use the action center to tell us and we'll investigate to return it to the owner. You will use the same form as to request one, in the Item Requesting field, select "Found Toter".

Cardboard & Larger Items

Please note that the cardboard and larger items will be picked up by special trucks later in the day; those truck may come within a few minutes or up to several hours later.

Yard Waste

Put yard waste, such as leaves, grass clippings, and debris in paper bags (available at hardware stores) or in small cans (less than 35 gallon.) The City of Lafayette does not pick up yard waste if they are in plastic bags, recycle bins, or in toters.