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The Lafayette Fire Department's mission is to respond to the needs of the citizens of Lafayette in a timely manner through continuing public education, multi-agency and community cooperation, quick response, and a desire to make Lafayette a safer place to live.

The first volunteer fire company in Lafayette was organized in 1836, only 11 years after the city was founded. The first professional Fire Department was assembled in 1864, and by 1902 the entire city was protected by a professional department.

Fire service in Lafayette has evolved from bucket brigades to hand pumpers, and from horse drawn rigs to diesel powered engines capable of pumping 2000 gallons per minute. The last team of horses was used in 1925 to pull ladder trucks.

Today, the Lafayette Fire Department consists of 137 professional firefighters and is responsible for fire safety in the City of Lafayette and Fairfield Township. That is about 30 square miles with a population of over 68,000 people.


The department contains 15 pieces of equipment which include:   

  • 1 - 100-foot Aerial platform
  • 2 - Squad trucks
  • 5 - Engines
  • 2 - Quints
  • 1 - Rescue truck
  • 1 - Technical Rescue Trailer
  • 1 - Hazmat trailer
  • 1 - Reserve Engine
  • 2 - Reserve Quints

Three Shifts & Personal

The firefighters' schedule is split into 3 shifts, and each firefighter works a 56-hour week. At any time there are 40 firefighters and officers on duty working under 1 Battalion Chief. The Central Office staff includes:

  • Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention
  • 4 Inspectors
  • Fire Administrative Services Manager
  • Administrative Assistant

Insurance Service Office Rating

Recently, the Insurance Service Office's (ISO) Department of Public Protection Classification conducted a field survey for the City of Lafayette. A department can receive a classification between 1 and 10.  A classification of 1 signifies best prepared, and a classification of 10 signifies the least prepared for a fire or emergency in their district. We are proud to announce that our ISO rating has improved from a 3 to a 2 on the classification scale. There were a total of 48,754 fire departments in the United States that received an ISO rating in 2015, and 47,562 of them fell below a classification of 2. There were only 1,060 departments in the United States that received a classification of 2. This classification reduction will lower insurance costs for all the citizens that our department provides services to over the next 3 years.


The Lafayette firefighters are constantly training and honing their skills. Routine building burns and disaster simulations allow firefighters to practice their skills under realistic circumstances. Medical training even includes work with defibrillators.


The Lafayette Fire Department is proud of its members and its accomplishments. It is our goal to continue to be known throughout the state as a trendsetter within the fire service. This community is fortunate to have "Lafayette's Bravest" protecting its families and properties.


Smoke Alarms

If you are a resident of Lafayette you maybe eligible for a free smoke alarm or new batteries installed by the Fire Department. Please fill out the Smoke Alarm Program Form to find out if you qualify.

Annual Reports

View the Lafayette Fire Department annual reports.

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