Fire Suppression

The largest division within the Lafayette Fire Department is the Fire Suppression Division, which is responsible for: 
  • Emergency medical services
  • Fire suppression
  • Mitigation of disasters
  • Rescue activities
Fire Fighter With Hose
The Fire Suppression Division is comprised of 3 shifts, A, B and C. Firefighters work an alternating schedule of 24-hour shifts. Each shift is supervised by an Battalion Chief who is responsible for the emergency and administrative activities of all members assigned to that shift. The Special Operations Teams are on-call 24 hours and respond to incidents at any time.

Fire Department Services
Firefighters do much more than just fight fires. They provide a wide variety of services within the community such as:
  • Provide emergency medical services.
  • Perform non-emergency service calls such as assisting with flooded buildings and homes.
  • Provide stand-by medical support at large public events such as concerts and sporting events.
  • Assist the Lafayette Police Department with no-emergency calls
  • Actively participate and/or sponsor a variety of community events, organizations and fundraisers.
  • Work within the community to educate and raise general awareness on issues of fire safety.
  • Respond to utility safety concerns and hazards such as: natural gas leaks, utility pole and power line hazards.
  • Give free fire station tours upon request.
Coxs - Engine1