Covered by Insurance
If your property is covered by insurance:
  • Notify your insurance agent as soon as possible.
  • If you are unable to reach your insurance agent or company, most policies require you to have your home secured against vandalism and looting. Some policies allow advanced funds for your family to find lodging. If possible, do not disturb or remove any items before the insurance adjuster arrives.
  • You need to keep receipts for all expenditures.
Not Covered by Insurance
If your property is not covered by insurance:
  • Emergency assistance, including temporary shelter, food, clothing, eye glasses, and medicine is available through the American Red Cross and Salvation Army.
  • When the fire has not been severe, preliminary clean-up should begin as soon as the Fire Department gives permission. Considerable damage to your belongings can be minimized this way.
If you are renting a property you will want to following these guidelines:
  • If you are a tenant, contact the resident manager, the owner, or the owner's insurance agent. It is the owner's responsibility to prevent further loss to the site.
  • Be sure that your personal belongings are secure either within the building or by moving them to another location.
  • Contact your own insurance agent to report the loss. The property owner's insurance, in most cases, will not cover the loss of your personal belongings.