Fire Truck Request

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Lafayette Fire Department (LFD)

Terms & Conditions of Use for Fire Truck Request

The following information is required when requesting a fire truck to attend a community event. You will be contacted by the Lafayette Fire Department once the attached form is received. For additional information, please call 765-807-1600.

Please note:

-Request must be booked at least one month prior to event date

-Request will be considered according to availability and resources of staff and schedules. Availability is not guaranteed. Availability may be limited to a portion of your event.

-Only educational, charitable or town sanctioned events will be considered.

-Trucks remain in-service and will be responding to emergency calls. If a truck/crew receives a call they will be leaving the location immediately. Appearances will be limited to 2 hours.

-Organizers must ensure a designated area is marked for the truck with direct unobstructed access to the nearest roadway to respond to emergency calls.

-Attendance is weather dependent.

-Trucks are not available for birthday parties, grand openings, side walk sales or the like.

-Due to safety issues, fire trucks no longer attend parades unless it is a large municipal parade with designated viewing areas and parade routes.

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