Scooter Issues

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In January 2020, the Lafayette City Council approved Ordinance 2020-06 regulating Scooters and other shared EMPV devices, operators and use. Among other things, these regulations can limit the number of devices each vendor may have, where they may be used, parked and hours of operation.

If you observe: improperly or illegally parked scooter; parked scooters blocking sidewalks; scooters left on private property without permission; dangerous riding or under aged riders (you must be 18 or older); or vandalism of a scooter, please report this immediately.

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If this needs immediate attention during regular business hours call Margy Deverall 765-807-1097. If this is a non-emergency, after hours, leave a message or email
If this is an emergency at any time call 911.
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