Shared Mobility Devices

Personal Electric or Motor Powered Vehicles

Scooters and EMPVs in Lafayette

There are multiple options for transportation in Lafayette. Shared scooters, and other similar EMPVs are one such option. A Shared Mobility Enterprise with devices for rent must submit an application to the City for approval and hold a permit issued by the city’s Engineering Dept. to operate within the city limits.

Shared Mobility Data

Per Ord 2020-06, Sec 7.14.160, a Shared Mobility Enterprise is required to make trip data available to the City as part of the permit program. This data is used by the city to monitor the number of devices, trips, and locations where the devices are being deployed. Data reports must be submitted to the city monthly.


On 28 January 2020, the Lafayette City Council approved Ordinance 2020-06 regulating Shared EMPV devices, operators and use. Among other things, these regulations can limit the number of devices each vendor may have, where they may be used, parked and hours of operation.

· Ordinance 2020-06

· Mobility System application form


Guidelines for Users

Safety First

All users are encouraged to wear a helmet when using a shared EMPV. If you do not own a helmet, they are available for purchase at any bike shop and online. Several operators also provide free or low-cost helmets to users that request them. Users are also required to follow all traffic laws when riding a shared EMPV.
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Where to Ride
Scooters are permitted on city streets and on bike lanes. Scooters are not allowed to ride in city parks or on trails marked as prohibited. Scooters should never be used on sidewalks in downtown Lafayette, except when briefly entering or exiting from a parked position in the public right-of-way.

Where to Park

When rides are completed,  scooters are only to be parked in a location that does not impede the public right-of-way. Scooters and EMVPs should be parked upright, leaving 4 feet of unobstructed passageway. Do not block:

  • Accessible parking zones or spaces for people with disabilities
  • Bus stops
  • Curb ramps
  • Driveways
  • Entrances or exits of buildings (scooters should be parked at least ten feet from any entrance or exit)

Loading Zones 

Scooters and EMPVs are not allowed to be parked on any street or alleyway, unless approved by the license administrator. They are not allowed to be parked on private property without permission of the property owner.

Damaged Device or Incorrectly Parked Device

If a scooter or EMPV is blocking the public right-of-way, is on private property, or is damaged, please contact the operator directly for the fastest response. Each device is required to display a unique ID number to help the companies quickly determine the location. You can find contact information for each operator on their rental app and posted on each device. The color behind the name corresponds to the primary color of the device to help you identify which operator to contact.


  • Bird (black and white)
  • Spin (black and orange)

Companies are required to address incorrectly parked devices within two hours of being notified of a problem between the hours of operation. During overnight hours, companies are required to address incorrectly parked devices within two hours of beginning operations the next day.