Utility Billing Office

New billing software along with updated bill face design, as well as new account numbers, have been implemented. For those that use electronic/online payment, through the city website or through a bank, you will need to update your payment process to reflect your new account number. Your old account number is no longer valid. Learn more about the billing transition process here:


Accepting Your Water, Sewer, Stormwater Payments

With 28,000 utility bills mailed every month, accepting and processing payments keeps the Utility Billing office busy.

For residents’ convenience, we accept payments:
  • Online 
  • At our express drive-up window (have payment stub with you) or our drop box, west side of City Hall
  • At our office inside City Hall (the only place where Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards, with identification, are accepted)
  • By check, mailed to our office
  • Via an ACH bank draft sent directly to us from your bank (guarantees no late fees due to tardy payments)
  • Through your bank’s online bill payment service
We also help solve problems you may report, such as sending a technician to check a frozen meter or a possible leak.