Schedule Inspections Online - TESTING (If you were not told by the Engineer's Office to schedule your inspections online please call 765-807-1050 to schedule.   

48 hour notice is required for all inspections. If you need to cancel an inspection please call (765) 807-1050. Failure to cancel a scheduled inspection at least 24 hours in advance may result in a $100.00 fine.

Scheduling inspections more than 10 days in advance is not allowed (includes weekends and holidays). 

If available, the following inspection types must be scheduled together. If they are not your request may be denied. 

Commercial Projects
Framing Inspections - Building, Electric, and Fire
Above Ceiling Inspections - Building, Electric, and Fire
Final Inspections - Building, Electric, and Fire

Residential Projects
Framing Inspections - Building, Electric
Above Ceiling Inspections - Building, Electric
Final Inspections - Building, Electric

All inspections listed on your project are required. Before final inspections can be scheduled all lower level inspections must be completed. 

Before scheduling your inspections online please view the guide below for instructions. If you have any issues please call (765) 807-1034.

To schedule your inspections online click here.