Traffic Unit

The Lafayette Police Department Traffic Unit is part of the Special Operations Division and its primary function is to investigate motor vehicle crashes and conduct traffic enforcement.  Officers assigned to the unit specialize in the areas of crash investigation, crash reconstruction, and traffic enforcement.  When not conducting traffic-related enforcement or investigations, members of the Traffic Unit answer calls for service to assist the patrol shifts.

Besides their normal patrol duties, members of the Traffic Unit are also on-call when they are off duty as part of the LPD’s Crash Investigation Team.  The Crash Investigation Team is utilized to investigate crashes when the severity of injuries necessitates a more detailed investigation.  Members of the Traffic Unit are also assigned to one of the county’s two multi-jurisdictional Fatal Alcohol Crash Teams, which respond to crashes throughout the county that involve serious bodily injuries or fatalities when alcohol or drug impairment is suspected.   

The Traffic Unit consists of three uniformed patrol officers.  In addition, the Traffic Unit has one investigator, whose primary function is to investigate hit and run crashes, and one sergeant who supervises the unit.  The Special Operations Division Captain assigns officers to the Traffic Unit.    

2020 Roster

Sergeant Scott Anderson
Technician Greg McDaniel
Officer Scott Swick
Officer Bernie Myers
Officer Jason Schatzer