Traffic Unit

Traffic enforcement, accident investigation,Traffic Wings traffic studies, and record keeping pertaining to traffic matters are a function of the Patrol Division Traffic Unit. The goal of the Traffic Unit is to promote the free and safe flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic throughout the city.  Traffic law enforcement is viewed by the public as one of the most common tasks associated with the police department. The high profile nature of a traffic stop is a reminder to all motorists to obey the rules of the road. Increasing traffic volume creates many challenges for both motorists and police officers charged with enforcement of the traffic laws. We consider traffic safety a partnership between the motoring public and ourselves. Drivers must share responsibility for a system that strives to move large numbers of people in both a safe and efficient manner.
The Lafayette Police Department Traffic Unit consists of 6 sworn officers whose primary responsibility is traffic enforcement and crash investigation.  The section is led by Sergeant Will Carpenter.  During 2014, the 6 sworn officers in the Lafayette Police Department Traffic section issued 2,302 traffic warnings and citations, which accounts for 18% of the total number issued by the Lafayette Police Department.  The Traffic section also investigated 1,458 crashes, which corresponds to 37.4% of total crashes reported during 2014. 

2018 Roster

  Sergeant Will Carpenter
Technician Matt Devine
 Officer Greg McDaniel
Officer Scott Swick
Officer Bernie Myers
Officer Jason Schatzer